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03.27.2014 | Spring 2014 - Delivery Two Lookbook

The lookbook for the second installation of our Spring 2014 core collection, "Internationally Known", is now live. This new delivery takes the exploration of global design influences we began in the first seasonal offering of product from the far to the near east.  The result is an offering that features a melding of Abjad and English text and Kilim and Byzantine brocade inspired patterns and colors.  In addition, a vintage map that was the source idea for the international theme of the season is featured in one of the season's highlight all-over prints and serves as the inspiration ... Read More  |  Archive

03.18.2014 | Spring 2014 - Victory Capsule

For the past several years, we've released Victory as a component of each season's main collection.  Born as an extension of 10.DEEP, Victory allows us the opportunity to express our appreciation for sportswear. This Spring's Victory Capsule expands on the Japanese and American inspired themes of the core collection.  From patterned stars and "rising sun" graphics to the incorporation of the respective flags of these nations, the signature spread of graphic techniques associated with the Victory Group are used on this offering of fleece, jerseys, snapbacks, sweatpants/shorts, tees an... Read More  |  Archive

03.03.2014 | 10.DEEP x Timberland: The Nomads

For our first special project of 2014, we've partnered with Timberland, as some of you have taken note of in our recent lookbook drop.  While the culture has been obsessed with the 7-eye construction bookt, we chose the shoe that was a cultural mainstay during 10.DEEP's incubation period in the early 90's - The Euro Hiker. We re-imagined this technical hiking shoe specifically to compliment the design elements of our Spring 2014 "Internationally Known" collection.  Dubbed The Nomad, the shoe is manufactured in a premium suede and features 15% recycled rubber outsoles, comfortable/cus... Read More  |  Archive

02.25.2014 | Spring 2014 - Delivery One Lookbook

Our Spring 2014 collection is here.  Titled "Internationally Known", it explores the connections between 10.DEEP and the diverse array of cultures that have informed the streetwear community from which the brand has emerged. While New York City streetwear rose on its own through decades of development, its existence was nurtured and refined in Japan.  This first offering of the Spring collection speaks to these links and the role that Japan played in its evolution.  Following  this idea, we decided to create a collection that reads like an American's stab at making Japanese... Read More  |  Archive

12.12.2013 | Holiday 2013 Lookbook - Delivery Two

For the last drop of 2013, we move from the futuristic vision of Delivery One with "After Midnight", the second delivery of our Holiday 2013 collection.  "After Midnight" represents the flip side of Delivery One and explores the concept of an eternal past. Icons of ancient Egypt are used to represent an ancient concept of eternity and mortality that is juxtaposed against hyper-modern graphic treatments and the vibrant, synthetic orange that is a focal point of the delivery.  The effect is a group that, like the concept for the season, brings together ideas of the future with an ancie... Read More  |  Archive


It's that time of year again.  Normally, green is our color of choice, but it's just going to have to be a purple Christmas.  In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we're reuniting Mike Jones and Paul wall (for the first time in six years), along with Trap-A-Holics, DJ Getlive and some other special guests at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg. And the night wouldn't be complete (or completely ridiculous) if we didn't have someone on-site designing custom grills, including a one-time only, three-tooth 10.DEEP "XXX" special, so bring that holiday cash so you can get a piece of w... Read More  |  Archive


Being that is it the end of Black Friday weekend, we thought we should give you a special group of all black product to close it out with... We linked with Chicago menace Fredo Santana to help us present a dark group of special product for the holiday - The Blackout Group.  Check the video for the occasion here. The capsule features select items from our new collection, executed in all black with 3M reflective graphics.  All are currently exclusively available at the 10.DEEP webshop, but will be arriving along with our second delivery of the Holiday 2013 "Midnight" collection at reta... Read More  |  Archive

11.28.2013 | 10.DEEP x STAPLE x HUF x BLACK SCALE for Art-Start

We, along with several of our contemporaries, collectively decided to come together for a different kind of collaborative project - one that directly benefits young, at-risk kids by supporting Art-Start, an award-winning, nationally recognized organization that uses the creative arts to transform their lives.  Art-Start takes kids that live in the shelter system, the streets, are surviving with parents in crisis or within the court system and provides them with workshops that help them to gain confidence, think critically, and pursue meaningful opportunities, against all odds. Together, w... Read More  |  Archive

11.25.2013 | Holiday 2013 Lookbook - Delivery One

As both the end of one day and the beginning of another, midnight is considered by many to be the symbolic crossroads between the past and the future.  The Holiday 2013 "Midnight" collection completes the daylight cycle that inspired the Fall product offering.  With each Fall release, we travelled from day to evening, and, with this Holiday offering, the inspiration moves into the depths of night. This first delivery of the core collection explores the future bend of this idea.  Stark black-and-whites sit in contrast with colors reminiscent of the pale glow cast by neon signs. &... Read More  |  Archive

11.12.2013 | Philippines Disaster Benefit at the Webshop

In response to the tremendous tragic effects of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, we are donating 30% of all sales at the webshop to support Habitat for Humanity's relief and rebuilding efforts.  This applies to all items in the webshop and there is no need to do anything beyond simply making a purchase, now through Sunday. Click here for more information about Habitat for Humanity's disaster support efforts, as well as about ways to get further involved, if you are looking to do so. Read More  |  Archive

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