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07.01.2015 | Summer 2015 Core at the Webshop

Channeling tropical vibes and good times, we dropped the new Summer collection lookbook last week. Get a closer look at some of the items for that collection here, or check them out at the webshop. Read More  |  Archive

06.25.2015 | Summer 2015 Core Collection Lookbook

Hawaiian shirts. 420. "Rad" (The Movie). Checkerboard patterns. Boardshorts. Op Art. Tie Dyes. Fast Times. LSD. Black Moses. Stand collars. Chambray. Acid wash. Ponchos. Tubbs. Dip fades. Bleached blonde. Tan lines. Beach life. Street life. No life. The Summer 2015 collection is here. Shot by Geordie Wood of Fader Magazine, the new lookbook is now live and can be seen here. The first offering of the new season's product is now available at the webshop. Surf's up. The heat is on. 'Zine is at the press... Read More  |  Archive

04.23.2015 | Spring 2015 - Delivery Two at the Webshop

Earlier this week, we topok a pause from the rollout of the second delivery of our Spring 2015 "American Glitch" collection to celebrate that 4/20 // 4:20 holiday/time/state of being with our friends at Good Company.  Things got good and weird, but now we're back to give you a closer look at items from the Delivery Two lookbook that we released last week. Delivery Two of Spring 2015, as well as very limited quantities of our 10.DEEP x GOOD Co. "Keep NY Weird" longsleeve tee are now available at the webshop, with Delivery Two also now available at your local 10.DEEP retailer. Read More  |  Archive

04.20.2015 | 10.DEEP x GOOD COMPANY

HAPPY 4/20. We linked with our friends at The Good Company, one of the few entities that still carries on the tradition of the original NY brand culture that 10.DEEP came up through.  New York has changed and so has streetwear.  It's easy to forget that this scene arose out of a desire to live outside of the mainstream now that it has become part of the mainstream.  That said, we decided to celebrate weirdness in a time when our hometown has become decidedly less weird. The screen-printed long sleeve "Keep NY Weird" tee features artwork designed by one of Chinatown's own on-the-... Read More  |  Archive

04.15.2015 | Spring 2015 Lookbook - Delivery Two

Our last major installment of Spring 2015's "American Glitch" collection drops today.  The new delivery shifts from the vintage-inspired themes of the first delivery to a modernist take on 'everyman' style that includes "digitized" multi-camouflage, an update on the traditional Dashiki and a color palette dominated by muted tones that are punctuated by contrasting bright gradients and patterns. The Delivery Two lookbook can be viewed here, with product now available at the webshop. Read More  |  Archive

03.30.2015 | VCTRY - Spring 2015 at the Webshop

The lookbook for the Spring 2015 collection dropped last Wednesday, and on Saturday we dropped a collaboration with Hong Kong's Fingercroxx.  Today we've got a closer look at the pieces from VCTRY. Spring 2015 VCTRY and the Fingercroxx x 10.DEEP collactions are both now available at the webshop.  VCTRY is also now at your local 10 DEEP retailer. Read More  |  Archive

03.28.2015 | 10.DEEP x FINGERCROXX

While an American viewpoint may take our street culture for granted, there are still places in which there are few outposts that represent the culture for entire communities.  double-park is a boutique that does that for both its home country of Hong Kong as well as as gateway for the community in China. That said, when double-park's own house brand FINGERCROXX approached us about collaborating on a capsule, we were glad to, understanding that this isn't simply about designing together but bridging this expanse. The result is a selection of tees, basketball jerseys, athletic shorts, bucke... Read More  |  Archive

03.25.2015 | VCTRY - Spring 2015 Lookbook

Today we are releasing our Spring 2015 VCTRY collection. VCTRY, our sportswear design lab, continues to experiment with a futuristic, multi-material, tech vision of athletic wear.  To this end, a palette of red, blue, black, grey and white are punctuated with neon yellow, tonal patterns, safety green and reflective pops. View the Spring 2015 VCTRY lookbook here.  VCTRY is now available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEP retailer. Read More  |  Archive

03.09.2015 | Spring 2015 - Delivery One at the Webshop

Last week, we dropped our first new major product of the year with the release of the lookbook for the first delivery of our Spring 2015 "American Glitch" collection.  The new product is an homage to various facets of American style culture from around the time of the change of the millenium.  Today we're giving you a closer look at some notable highlights of the group. Delivery One of the Spring 2015 collection is now available at the webshop and at your local 10.DEEPĀ® retailer. Read More  |  Archive

02.27.2015 | Spring 2015 Lookbook - Delivery One

"Reckless", the first delivery of our Spring 2015 "American Glitch" collection, draws its inspiration from standard American workwear, hunting wear and everyman 'fashion' circa the late 90's/early 2000's.  The colors of the stonewashed denim, the sun-bleached and over-washed khakis of that period, and standard red, white and navy form the base of the color palette and set the overall tone for the collection. With an expanded selection of denim bottoms, stand-collared work shirts, notable outerwear pieces and a group of NASCAR garment flips that embrace the humor of the brands roots, the h... Read More  |  Archive

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